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Where Are We Right Now with AI?

The roadmap of Artificial Intelligence will accelerate from deep learning to AI replacement of human workers. During the journey, we will have breakthroughs in both cognitive and emotional intelligence. There are many views as to what AI experts expect is still to come; but one trait is common to all – no one really knows for sure. An article that provides a good summary on what’s happening right now, is  “truly useful artificial intelligence tools you can use today”.

Currently AI is being integrated into consumer daily activity – think Apple’s Siri, Google’s search solutions, and Amazon’s smart recommendations. In bigger toys, AI capabilities are also being programmed into robotic solutions, such as self-driving cars. Once common challenge is in the programming of the finer perceptions of the human mind. For example, in the cars, a current issue is in the ability for the cars to perceive road markings when the roads are wet. This is often difficult even for humans, let alone machines. However sensory perceptions such as sight, sound, and touch will be easier to develop than the emotional attributes. Whilst machines are already capable of detecting body and facial language, it relies on the openness of humans to display their emotions to detect these attributes.

Emotional intelligence [EQ] is gaining strong support in the corporate arena today, as the key factor that separates great leaders from good leaders. Only by deepening our understanding of emotional intelligence, and combining them with the insights gained from neuroscience can we hope to successfully merge the human mind with machine cognition. The successful mapping of emotions in AI starts with evolving our EQ. And that can happen right now.

It is only by understanding more fully, how AI and EQ will be mutually supportive, that we start to fully appreciate the impact, and the limitations of AI. Only then, will you be ready to start building your AI roadmap.

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