Strategic Performance

Too often, businesses implement new technology, then hope it will drive productivity improvement. In many cases, efficiency gains are notable, however, they are not always effective. They don’t significantly contribute to improved strategic performance.

With decades of experience in optimising processes, defining and mapping key performance indicators, and embedding business insight into key decisions, Coded Vision developed its own propriety Strategic Performance Framework [SPF]. This framework was designed in response to witnesses the same issues and challenges across many companies – including, banks, telecoms, utilities, government organisations, manufacturing, healthy, education and a range of other services.

The SPF helps organisations define their strategy in a way that makes it executable and more measurable. It helps connect key performance indicators in more meaningful ways, and ensure that business intelligence tools are designed to support better, faster decisions.

Beyond that, Coded Vision has recognised that for business insight to successfully lead to artificial intelligence, data must be defined and managed in very specific ways. So we work with IT and business intelligence teams to ensure the future value of todays data.

With the right strategic execution definition, and insight from BI tools, performance can be optimised in a synchronised manner. Adding in data quality, provides for a cohesive approach across both the business and IT organisations.