Emotional Intelligence

Emotional intelligence is a set of competencies that define ones awareness of the emotions of oneself, and of others, to understand and regulate those, and then take productive action.

Coded Vision’s Insight Mastery Program includes EQ Leadership, which covers these competencies in five categories:

  • Mindfulness
  • Self Awareness
  • Self Mastery
  • Social Awareness
  • Social Mastery

Collectively, these competencies lay the foundation for 90% of a leaders success; contributing to 30% of bottom line profit.

Emotional intelligence was first introduced in the 1980’s but was largely dismissed as being a ‘soft skill’, not suited to the hard-line leadership style of the day. Through the efforts of EQ pioneers, in particular, Daniel Goleman, emotional intelligence is finding its way into boardroom discussions.


Rapid Change

As the rapid pace of change, and market dynamics have demanded faster product development innovation, businesses are more dependent on collaboration within and across teams, and strategic partners. This is covered in Social Mastery. This pace of change has also decreased the workable decision-making cycle, placing greater stress on managers and leaders. Building resilience against the negative impacts of stress is a core element of Self Mastery.

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