Coded Vision’s Philosophy

As a leader, I believe that it is central to any business to understand the ‘big why‘ behind your organisation. What the fundamental philosophy is behind the value you seek to deliver. In our case, it is simply, to simplify. The reason behind this started millions of years ago with the ‘big bang’. Let’s consider for a moment, in simple terms, how the Universe was formed, and where it is headed.

The universe started off as a milky mix, then with a big bang explosion, particles were formed. These particles collided to form atoms, which in turn collated together to form molecules, and eventually stars. As each star eventually exploded, the Universe expanded. The process continued until we evolved to a thinking being. The basic structure of the Universe favours the creation of complexity – it is a complexity machine.

So, if the Universe is set on a course from simplicity to complexity, is it no wonder that it feels like things are more difficult today?

The problem is, our world is expanding and evolving faster than our human capability is evolving. Complexity is starting to overwhelm us in terms of the rapidly escalating requirement for knowledge. But knowledge alone is of little value – only knowledge, refined by context, provides us with the insight we seek to further our way of life. It is only through insight that we make sense of the world, that we can understand how we can add value to others, and in doing do, further our own value.

The only way we can ‘keep up’ as the Universe continues on its quest for growing complexity, is for us to embark on a quest for simplicity. How can we do this? Largely via technology, in particular artificial intelligence [AI]. We can engage machines to process and make sense of the vast volumes of information spewing into the Universe. As humans, only we can add the essential context to define its value to us.

As the Internet opened up the world to local businesses, the complexity of business exploded – different markets introduced different values, beliefs and preferences into product development and marketing. Different protocols introduced complexity into technology integrations, different data measures made aggregation of data more complex, different commercial and legal requirement massed complexity into commercial contracts and trade. In a world, where we cannot even agree on a single unit of measure, how did we ever think we could possibly just open our business to the world, with simplicity?

By seeking to rationalise the diversity of knowledge required to succeed and grow today, Coded Vision has continued to refine its offering to support simplicity – making the complex, simple. It is not that we are seeking to go against that natural path of evolution, but rather to cut through the clutter of complex methodologies and technologies – and help focus business leaders on the simple, fundamental truths that will make the most difference to their businesses.  In our latest iteration, we bring more clarity and insight into businesses – large and small. We simplify the design and implementation of data architectures, processes, strategic execution, performance measurement, and most importantly, decision making.

Many of the business intelligence analytical and AI software offerings today require humans that thrive on complexity – the data scientists and advanced analysts. They are not designed for the very people we need making decisions every single day. Access by decision makers to critical insight still eludes us. Coded Vision seeks to simplify the pathway to this ever-elusive insight.

As API’s helped to integrate technology, and AI capability natural language processing is helping to integrate humans and machines, we need to continue to seek ways to join our various views of the world together in simple ways – outside the realms of religious and political differences. Unifying diversity is no small ambition, but in seeking what role Coded Vision could play in simplifying business, we have developed what we believe to be the integration between cultural diversity, business eras, technology and humans. Our series of Insight Mastery programs are based on decades of evolution of leadership and management methodologies, of cross-industry consulting experience, and the very latest findings of neuroscience. Their focus is to help prepare businesses to integrate diverse work-forces, and move away from the outdated constraints of the industrial age, and towards the creative freedom of the age of intelligence. This requires both personal insight, and business insight.

It is all too easy for us to drag ‘the way we have always done things’ with us, and then wonder why we do not extract the value from our technology investments that we had hoped for. In my seminars on BI dashboard design, I use the analogy of a trader transporting his wares from village to village on the back of a pack mule. When presented with a brand new shiny red Holden Utility truck, the traders pleasure was immense. He spent the next few weeks enthusiastically building a ramp, and training his mules to climb up the ramp onto the back of the truck. When asked why he didn’t just load his goods straight into the tray of the truck he replied “Oh, I can’t get rid of the mules, it’s the only way I know how to pack my goods. We will be okay doing it this way”. And of course, so he will. He will still gain the efficiency of being able to move faster between villages, but the cost of not being able to increase the size of his payload will prevent an increase in his trade volume, and higher revenue. It will increase the cost of his transport for minimal gain. He will feel ‘satisfied’ that he has made incremental progress in the way he works. Many, many times I have seen businesses try to keep loading their goods onto their mules – and in their minds it makes perfect sense. “we need to introduce change incrementally….we need to protect our brand image….we will be okay”. Whatever the justification they come up with, one thing is common to all – they will fail to progress fast enough to keep pace with the increasing complexity in business, and eventually will fall victim to it.

Insight Mastery programs are designed to bring the biggest impacts, with the greatest simplicity. They are designed to ‘readify’ your business to instantly leverage technology as it meets a strategic value in your vision. They get rid of the old, out-dated ‘traditions’ and streamline processes. They make sense of data, and prepare it for analytics. They add more clarity of purpose, and more insight into decisions.

As more and more AI capabilities emerge with better designed user interfaces – non-data-scientists can be freed from the drudgery of administrative and transactional tasks, and empowered to contribute in more creative and meaningful ways. Ways that will add more value to your customers, and to your business. If that doesn’t make sense to you….ask yourself, how many mules is your business feeding?