BI Strategy

A BI solution strategy outlines the best combination of techniques and technologies to meet the business intelligence[BI] of any one organization.

It provides a strategic perspective of the ability to deliver consistent, timely information in a format the supports corporate performance management using a combination of traditional and non-traditional methodologies and technology.

  • BI Vision – driving your BI strategy
  • BI Objectives – keeping BI objectives connected to corporate strategy
  • BI Drivers – what is propelling you to adopt a BI Culture
  • BI Constraints – where are the tough spots, or barriers, that need to be overcome for the strategy to be achieved in full.
  • The BI Lifecycle – understanding the natural progression path in BI
  • BI Strategy Document – what it contains and how to put it together

Gail La Grouw’s two books on Business Intelligence provide full frameworks for designing and implementing BI competence across the organisation.

  • The Logical Organisation – is a comprehensive executives strategic guide to using business intelligence.
  • The BI Strategy Guide – provides a detailed framework for the design and implementation of a BI competency.

Find out more about these books, and others in the TLO Management Insight Series here.