Business Insight

Speed of change in the market demands that organisations are sufficiently agile to meet those demands. Business insight is a ‘people-process-technology-data’ system designed to transform transactional and external data into meaningful information to support rapid decision making and organisational change. With business intelligence [BI] tools becoming more advanced, and more affordable, they are now available to all. They are no longer a competitive edge. What matters now is the insight extracted from data via the tools, and how well it is communicated to decision makers. Business dashboards are a primary channel for communicating business insight.

When it comes to making decisions, insight requires more than just data-driven intelligence. It requires insight into ones own mind, and how and why we make the decisions we do. This personal insight, driven by emotional intelligence, provides a critical element of overall business insight. After extensive studies in neuroscience, Coded Vision has developed core proprietary neuroleadership methodologies that threaten to make traditional management models obsolete. This is where the new competitive edge lies. This is what makes good leaders great!

Implementing business intelligence tools to gain insight into operations, customers, markets and performance has produced mixed results over the past ten years. Much of the focus around business insight has been on business intelligence tools. However, BI tools are merely that – tools.


BI Dashboards

Many business dashboards are designed to look good, rather than perform well. They are not well designed for rapid assimilation by the brain. Effective dashboard design is a core skill of Coded Vision.

The value of BI tools can only be measured by the business insight they communicate. The main tool used has been dashboards – visual representations of data.

Largely, dashboards were built around graphical design, rather than insight. They failed to incorporate Gestalt principles of visual design or factor in the neuroscience behind how information is perceived.



Over the past five years, neuroscience has greatly heightened our knowledge of how the brain functions. Used in the leadership context, is it known as neuroleadership. This knowledge should be a key driver of dashboard design.

Coded Vision has also integrated neuroscience, with their vast experience in leadership and operational performance to help leaders perform better – both personally, and operationally.

We make sure that your results meet your expectations and deliver the most value in the most important areas. We achieve this using our own proprietary approach to BI that ensures that insight is strategically aligned and operationally integrated.

Business insight drives strategic performance, and is the only reliable pathway to business transformation.