Who We Are

Coded Visions philosophy is one based on dissolving the natural growth of complexity in the world, and simplify the way businesses operate and make decisions. You can read our philosophy here.

Our Company

Gail La GrouwCoded Vision Consulting is a subsidiary of Zenitec Group [est.1996]; founded by Managing Director, Gail La Grouw.

Gail has been engaged in international consulting programs in NZ, Australia and UK, and is well recognised for her innovative approaches to new technologies. After specialising for many years in both corporate performance and advanced telecommunications, she really understands how best to market new technology and how to use technical capability to optimise corporate performance. According to Gail, “convergence” is not just a telecom media term – it can also be used to recognise how strategic business intelligence is finally building a comfortable relationship with corporate IT.


What We Do

Coded Visions primary focus is on strategic execution, underpinned by a strong foundation of insight. It uses a proprietary Strategic Performance Improvement [SPI] framework to help leaders and managers identify the most effective and most efficient way to achieve their strategic goals. Closely integrated into this framework is performance measurement. The SPI Framework also helps companies recognise the value in data as a strategic asset, using it to help them achieve their current goals, and plan their future performance.

Corporate Strategic Validation & Execution

Most companies spend days formulating the ‘ideal’ strategy. Few ever execute it – and few still know how well they have executed it. The SPI Framework ensures that what is intended gets done. It uses all the available mechanisms and technology to align with core strategic processes that will deliver the best performance.

Strategic consulting can no longer be done in isolation of IT, and Coded Vision excels in harnessing the latest data mining and reporting capabilities to bring planning confidence and timely decision making capability to both senior executives and operational managers.

Operational Performance

As the lines between customer and corporate become blurred, web collaboration tools, web services and customer self provisioning is transforming costly administrative tasks into highly valued customer services. Coded Vision helps businesses transform cost centers into profit centers.

Operational managers need transparency in their operational performance. Coded Vision develops dashboard reporting to assist demand planning functions.

Product Insight Roadmap

Whether it be new ventures or new product launches, Coded Vision’s strong background in advanced technology consulting, positions it as a market leader in defining visionary road maps in any industry, and applying predictive reasoning to develop demand planning to assist in product lifetime management.

Digital Convergence and Intelligent Networks helps businesses discover opportunities to deliver products and services in ways previously not possible. This includes identifying how best to expand and transform existing services into new delivery channels, how to improve customer experience and how to leverage advanced new technologies. We help make digital disruption a positive and profitable experience.

Business Intelligence Strategy

Business intelligence has moved beyond the hype zone and is firmly entrenched as a major driving force behind any successful business – big or small. A clear BI strategy helps to clarify the optimal BI competency for each business, and the best way forward to building that competency.

Corporate Performance Reporting

As data warehouse technology provides businesses with access to complex arrays of data, Coded Vision helps companies harness that data and present it in easily accessible formats. Using simple reporting tools, executive dashboards, and virtual environments, clarity of information is optimised for fully supported decision making.

Information Architecture Strategy

With its in-depth and balanced insight into both the business and technical domains of an organisation, Coded Vision is well positioned to define data architectures and information architecture strategies that tightly integrate strategic and operational elements. These strategic frameworks help clarify the development of data systems, and investment in future data management technologies.

Executive Development

Coded Vision has a long background in leadership development. Great leaders develop great teams, which in turn, make a great business. Coded Visions Insight Mastery Program is uniquely designed specifically for senior leaders – to advance both their personal insight, and the understanding of business insight.



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