Coded Vision Consulting improves corporate performance through more effective execution of strategy, improved operational design, and integrated business insight.

Underlying the success of every business is a core strategic performance framework. This framework acts as the guiding DNA to the operational functioning and strategic growth of the business. This is what we mean by ‘coded vision’. It is your vision that drives cohesive decision making and action, and it is how you code that vision into the fabric of your enterprise that connects the three primary growth streams of the business: strategy, leadership, and business insight.



Every successful leader knows that corporate performance starts at the top – with the development of a corporate vision, strategy and current objectives. Sadly, too often, strategy is well planned and poorly implemented. Using the most advanced methodologies and tools, Coded Vision facilitates organizations to create more executable strategies and implement them at lowest cost and greatest benefits.

This failure in the execution of their strategy is most often due to a weak link between strategic initiatives and tactical performance. When strategic execution is sufficiently measured linked, monitored, and measured, it supports rapid adjustment to campaigns and products, thus ensuring overall performance is optimized. This is a pivotal performance point in which Coded Vision has helped businesses excel.



Leadership models, concepts and styles are still largely attached to the industrial age. Staying attached to these practices risks being left behind, and/or failing completely. There are three major forces demanding changes in leadership:

  1. Volatile market connectivity – provided by social media, and the influence of relationship building, is demanding higher competency in social insight skills.
  2. Ever shrinking product development cycles – driven by technology supporting rapid innovation and development. This demand greater levels of collaboration, not just within the corporate walls, but also in the form of co-development with strategic partners and even customers. This is changing business operating models from traditional value chains to ever-evolving business ecologies. This requires new skill sets in leaders to build and nurture these networks of the future.
  3. Cognitive technologies – already machine learning, artificial intelligence, and cognitive computing are moving us down the pathway towards singularity. As machines become more integrated with man, leaders will face difficult ethical and moral decisions, ones that will determine how well ‘The Human Factor‘ is retained.


Business Insight

Speed of change in the market demands that organisations are sufficiently agile to meet those demands. Business insight is a ‘people-process-technology-data’ system designed to transform transactional and external data into meaningful information to support rapid decision making and organisational change. With business intelligence [BI] tools becoming more advanced, and more affordable, they are now available to all. They are no longer a competitive edge. What matters now is the insight extracted from data via the tools, and how well it is communicated to decision makers. Business dashboards are a primary channel for communicating business insight.

However, many business dashboards are designed to look good, rather than perform well. They are not well designed for rapid assimilation by the brain. Effective dashboard design is a core skill of Coded Vision.

When it comes to making decisions, insight requires more than just data-driven intelligence. It requires insight into ones own mind, and how and why we make the decisions we do. This personal insight, driven by emotional intelligence, provides a critical element of overall business insight. After extensive studies in neuroscience, Coded Vision has developed core proprietary neuroleadership methodologies that threaten to make traditional management models obsolete. This is where the new competitive edge lies. This is what makes good leaders great!



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